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Information about fees

Private Patients

Patients are seen at the Three Shires Hospital and Woodland Hospital for private outpatient consultation and surgical treatment.

Private Practice Fees - New patient consultation £150.00
An additional fee is required for patients requiring x-rays.

Where patients have private medical insurance (e.g. BUPA, PPP, Norwich Union), most oral and maxillofacial surgical problems are covered under the medical insurance.
All surgical procedures are coded e.g. Impacted teeth  - OPCS code F0910.

Impacted wisdom teeth (F0910), complicated buried roots (F0950), together with dental procedures e.g. apicectomy/cyst of the jaw (F1810) are also covered under private medical insurance. If in doubt, it is advisable to contact Mr Smith’s secretary - Mrs Ann Clarke - for further advice.

For patients that do not have medical insurance, FIXED COST PACKAGE SURGERY is an option. The fees include:

  • Surgery

  • Anaesthetic and

  • Hospital costs

Patients pay the hospital prior to surgery.

Please note: this does not include the initial consultation fee. Jaw radiography is often required and incurs an additional cost.

Common Package Prices

Removal  of wisdom teeth (F/0910):

  • GA/Day case = approx. £2,132

  • LA/Outpatient = approx. £1,520

One Dental implant:

  • LA/Outpatient = approx. £1,160 + restorative work

  • GA/Day case = approx. £1,900 + restorative work

Two dental implants:

  • LA/Outpatient = approx. £1,910 + restorative work

  • GA/Day case = approx. £2,580 + restorative work

Fixed cost prices include:

  1. Hospital fees

  2. Surgical fees

  3. Anaesthesia fees

  4. One post operative out patient consultation where indicated

Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient clinics are held at the following venues:

Three Shires Hospital, Northampton

  • Monday AM

  • Monday PM

Woodland Hospital, Kettering

  • Monday PM / Evening